With Singapore’s growing demand for plumbing services, it is important to know when to call out a plumbing emergency. Singapore plumbing services are regulated by the Public Utilities Board (PUB). The PUB makes sure that plumbers are licensed to do any plumbing services work. The license will ensure to customers that plumbers have the necessary training and skills needed to solve any plumbing problems as well as installing and handling water systems and pipes. Singapore’s plumbing services have two types the water service plumbing work and sanitary plumbing work.

Water service plumbing works are services required to have plumbing services done to take care of a property’s water system. Water service plumbing works encompass the installing of pipes and other needed parts for the new water system. This includes installing aside from the pipes, water tanks, and taps throughout the property. Also water service plumbing works also provide services in repairing and replacing the parts included in the water system such as pipes, tanks, and taps. Sanitary plumbing works, on the other hand, provides services relating to the management of discharged used water. This service takes care of managing the used water in the water system including water coming from kitchen drains; showers drains, toilets, etc. This plumbing service is in charge of installing, changing and relocating pipes and appliances that relate to the usage of water.

Emergency plumbing services are provided in these two types – the water service plumbing work and sanitary plumbing work. Services offered are usually pertaining to these common issues:

1. Fixing Leaking Pipes

Often repairs need to be done caused by the wear and tear of pipes in the kitchen sink, toilet bowls, etc.

2. Clearing Drains that are Clogged

Sometimes debris in drains can cause clogging, and a plumbers help is needed to resolve the issue.

3. Installing Bathroom Water Heaters

Shower heaters can be provided and installed as one of the offered services of plumber service Singapore.

4. Repiping the Water System of Customer’s House

Customers who renovate houses need to redesign the piping of their houses as well. Plumbers can work and help out customers in repiping the water system of their house based on their new designs.

5. New Pipes are Needed to be Installed

Aside from houses, plumbers are also trained to install new pipes in buildings and all other building establishments.

6. Sanitary Plumbing System needs Repairing and Reinstalling

Most often due to the ravages of time sanitary pipes rust and break and may need to be repaired and replaced.

Emergency plumbing services can be provided in a case to case basis, most often required to fix leaking pipes and clogged drains. These two plumbing problems result mainly due to the passing of time and can’t be avoided. Although it can’t be avoided, it can be delayed through monitoring and cleaning. When dire situations are needed emergency plumbing services should be sought to resolve the issue properly. Most plumbing services in Singapore is always available to help.